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BTS’s Suga opens up about battling horrid ‘imposter syndrome’

BTS’s Suga gets candid about suffering from imposter syndrome as a performer

By Web Desk
March 28, 2021
BTS’s Suga opens up about battling horrid ‘imposter syndrome’

BTS’s Suga recalled all the pain of having to battle imposter syndrome despite having multiple awards and accolades under his belt.

The singer got candid during his appearance on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block.

The singer began by admitting to the host that while he has always been grateful for the give opportunities, he still feels immense imposter syndrome.

Suga was quoted saying, “We have to be able to see the ground to some extent. When we see the ground on an airplane, we know that we are flying, but if you are in the clouds, it doesn’t feel like we are flying. Although we are truly honored and grateful, we sometimes wonder if coming this far was what we really wanted.”

He also got candid about the pressure and dubbed it, “Too burdensome. All we did was do our job by working hard, but people take it as we have contributed to the country, making it too burdensome.”

He concluded by saying, “I’ve seen a lot of other artists that couldn’t perform at venues after their time in the spotlight faded away. Ever since I was young, I thought that it would be better to step down when you can instead of being blamed and mocked by people for it.”