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Philippines sets record for largest art class

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February 26, 2018

Students in Philippines made history by attending what the Guinness World Records has classified as the biggest art class the world has ever seen.

Held at a local park in Philippines’ Quezon City, the world’s largest art class consisted of around 17,000 pupils eager to not only get an art lesson but to score their country a place in the Guinness World Record’s list as well.

As per statements from the organizers, 16,692 children were present during the session and the number had been sent to Guinness World Records for an evaluation.

The participants consisted of middle schools students from nearly 200 different schools who were also given an hour long lesson on how to draw a mask by a teacher present at the venue.

One of the students who identified herself as Kathleen Pareno claims to have found the workshop extremely beneficial.

This record had been previously in the hands of India where an approximate of 14,135 pupils participated in an art class in 2014.