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Austin Butler recalls fond memories of his beloved mother

Austin Butler reflects on his mother's demise in a new interview

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June 23, 2024
Austin Butler discusses about losing his mother: Deets inside
Austin Butler discusses about losing his mother: Deets inside

Austin Butler has recently reflected on his mother’s death, who died of cancer in 2014.

Speaking to Adelaide Now, the Elvis actor said, “If I describe her, she was a person who was just so kind to everybody that she came in contact with and I hope to be even just a little bit like her in that way.”

While discussing about losing his ‘best friend’ when he was only 23, Austin mentioned, “If you came into contact with her... your day was a little bit better.”

“She was such a bright light and so I think there's a lot of things that I learned from her that I admire so much. And my dad's the same way, he's just always kind,” stated The Bikeriders star.

Austin added, “I just have to credit my parents you know; my mum was my best friend.”

The Carrie Diaries actor pointed out that he began filming a new project shortly after his mother’s death at the time.

Austin previously told The Hollywood Reporter that he attributed his late mother for supporting him in his acting career.

He explained that his mother, Lori, had seen his passion for acting immediately.

“My mum saw that in me, and I owe her for everything because she quit her job and drove me to auditions and took me to acting classes,” continued the actor.

Austin added, “Then I started working.”