Thursday June 13, 2024

Chrome on Android: Google's latest update will change how you multitask

Google rolls out game-changing update for Chrome on Android that will revolutionise multitasking within apps

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Googles latest update to ensure seamless multitasking on Chrome for Android. — Android Central
Google's latest update to ensure seamless multitasking on Chrome for Android. — Android Central 

Google is continuously improving its browser, Chrome. Its latest update aims at improving multitasking in Chrome on Android.

Developers can now integrate "minimised custom tabs" into their apps for a seamless user experience, according to update M124.

Google says that the update is intended to "enhance the in-app browsing experience."

Users will soon see a "minimise" icon when opening a link, allowing the Chrome window to shrink into a floating square.

If you click a link in Gmail, Chrome will open at the bottom of your screen. You can then expand the window to full size or minimise it to a small square on the bottom right, easily re-accessible with a tap.

The latest update will ensure smooth working across different apps on Android as it ensure that links open efficiently and intuitively with new custom tabs.

The new update will give a clean look to the tabs. The tab, when minimised, shows only the webpage name and domain. It is sometimes accompanied by the site's logo. If not, the Chrome logo appears instead.

The integration ensures users do not lose their place and have access to saved passwords and payment methods as if using the main Chrome browser.

Google began testing this feature in March with version 122. Google is still in the process of refining it. However, the core functionality has remained stable, allowing users to stay on task.

These multitasking tabs currently do not work with YouTube, which has its floating video feature.