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Total solar eclipse 2024: Strangest eclipse-related queries and their answers

Weirdest eclipse-related queries and their answers

By Web Desk
April 08, 2024
Strangest queries about solar eclipse answered. — AFP/File
Strangest queries about solar eclipse answered. — AFP/File

The total solar eclipse will take the spotlight Monday, April 8, 2024. The rarity and mystique surrounding this event has led to a plethora of questions and speculations. 

As eclipse anticipation builds, individuals are really wracking their brains to contemplate the significance and possible effects of this celestial phenomenon.

Can we use a toilet during a solar eclipse?

Oh, absolutely! It's not like the sun and moon will suddenly vanish from the solar system if you step away for a moment. So yes, feel free to relieve yourself without fear of astronomical consequences.

Should you shower after eclipse?

There's no need for a special post-eclipse shower. Just stick to your regular hygiene routine and you'll be fine. Eclipses aren't known for shedding solar particles or moon dust that drifts down to coat us.

Why can't I sleep after eclipse?

There's no scientific reason why you can't sleep after an eclipse. It's likely just a combination of heightened emotions and adrenaline, according to

What does it mean if a baby is born during the eclipse?

If a baby is born during an eclipse, it holds no special significance or meaning in terms of the baby's characteristics, personality or destiny.

Does a solar eclipse affect pregnancy?

No, solar eclipses do not affect pregnancy. Despite various cultural beliefs and myths surrounding solar eclipses and their supposed effects on human health and behavior, there is no scientific evidence to support any connection between solar eclipses and pregnancy outcomes.

Is it OK to sleep during a solar eclipse?

It's perfectly fine to sleep during a solar eclipse. Unlike a solar eclipse, where you might miss the spectacular sight if you blink, a solar eclipse happens over several hours. So go ahead and get your beauty sleep.