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Brain waves move in different directions while making memory and recalling

There are five types of brain waves — alpha, theta, gamma, beta and delta

By Web Desk
March 26, 2024

Ever wondered how a human mind can retain so much information from the past and the present at the same time?

A human brain is made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons that interact with each other via electrical signals. This interplay between neurons creates what we call a brain wave, Earth reported.

These brain waves are necessary for all brain activity including thoughts, emotions and behaviours among others.

There are five types of brain waves. Each have a different function such as, alpha brain wave is present when we are relaxing, theta brain wave is linked to sleep and dreaming, gamma brain waves are associated with learning and problem solving, delta brain wave are present when we are in deep sleep and beta waves are present when thinking or focusing. 

In order to study more about memory, scientists conducted a study involving patients with epilepsy, who had special electrodes implanted in their brains, which helped researchers study brain activity as the participants memorised and recalled things.

They found that a specific brain wave called the "travelling wave," moved in different directions when a memory was being made and when it was being recalled.

It was found that when a memory was being made, brain waves travelled from the back of our brains to the front, while when the memory was being recalled, the brain waves travelled from the front to the back.

According to lead researcher, Professor Joshua Jacobs, this study has the potential to revolutionise healthcare, as it provides an insight into how memory works which can help treat and understand brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s.