Friday April 19, 2024

Hidden benefit of Kimchi revealed in latest study: Details

Kimchi, the infamous Korean fermented cabbage and vegetable dish has gained popularity over the years

By Yareeha Fatima Jafri
February 01, 2024
Kimchi guards against obesity
Kimchi guards against obesity 

Kimchi, the infamous Korean fermented cabbage and vegetable dish has become talk of the town after discovery of its growing benefits.

Studies suggest that Kimchi not only improves levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut, but also prevents weight gain. 

A modified research proved that cabbage Kimchi works wonders against obesity for men.

Meanwhile, Kimchi that’s cooked with radishes plays a vital role in guarding against obesity and excessive pounds for both men and women.

Primarily, the research that was conducted and later published in journal BMJ Open, evaluated results concerning around 115,726 people, falling under the age bracket of 40 to 69 years in Korea.

The results concluded that men, with an intake of about one to three servings a day, had 11% to 12% lower risk of obesity compared to men who ate less than the given range.

Meanwhile, men with a higher proportional intake of cabbage kimchi (ideally three servings) had 10% lower chances of excess weight and fat around stomach.

With women however, the results fluctuated and the risk calculated was said to be around 8% with respect to this kind of Kimchi.

Kimchi, when consumed with radish, led to a proportionate 9% reduced risk of fat around abdomen.

The experts confirmed that there were no additional benefits of consuming more than three servings a day. 

In order to conclude however, people who ate more than the specified serving, resulted in eating more of other foods as well, triggering obesity.