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Cosy Cardio: Comfortable fitness trend anyone can follow

Gruelling strength workouts are not the only way to achieve your fitness goals

By A. Akmal
February 28, 2024
Cosy Cardio: comfortable fitness trend anyone can follow
Cosy Cardio: comfortable fitness trend anyone can follow

Working out is not the easiest thing to pick up for everyone. Setting a proper routine and bring that same amount of energy is not ideal to create.

And when one thinks of cardio, there is an image of sweaty people in the gym, determined to get the most complex style of push-ups and high-energy exercise routines, which may also be very overwhelming for any beginner.

What if there was a way to be surrounded by everything soothing and cosy, and get your easy workout in, which is also very effective. Sounds like fantasy, right?

Well, that fantasy is now a reality as the latest fitness trend on social media, Cosy Cardio, which is luring many couch potatoes and procrastinators to jump on the bandwagon.

Creator Hope Zuckerbrow believes that having a comfortable ambiance with some light exercise (like walking or at-home pilates) is a great way to build your relationship with exercise.

What is Cosy Cardio?

The routine involves one to have a cosy space – you can add scented candles for the mood and other things for the comfy vibe. You would need a nice protein drink, a favourite show or movie to stream and some low-impact, easy movement exercise.

While this may sound unbelievable, many experts have weighed in that this trend could easily build sustainable health and fitness habits.

Health benefits of cosy cardio

First step towards a healthy lifestyle: For those who are intimidated by heavy workouts, this is a great way to begin your journey. You can take as long as you need and slowly increase the intensity of the workout at your own pace.

It’s the best self-care: Exercise should never feel like a punishment to you. Kicking off the workout with your favourite things will have positive impact on your mind, which will allow you to enjoy your time rather than whine all the way through.

Easy to sustain: Since the routine does not force you into anything, like a gym membership would, one wouldn’t be under pressure to follow through, which ironically would not want you to miss a day.

Accessible to everyone: Whether you are in recovery or you just want to begin a healthy lifestyle, you literally do not require anything out of your routine to start. And since this happens at the comfort of your own home, it makes it all the easier.

Boosts aerobic training: As long as you hit a level of moderate intensity, you will see all of the cardio benefits. This type of workout can also begin a journey of weight loss without the pressure.