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Inside Jon Rahm, Kelley Cahill relationship since university

Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill got married at the church on December 13, 2019

By Web Desk
November 21, 2023
Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill pictured together. — Instagram/@johnrahm
Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill pictured together. — Instagram/@johnrahm

Jon Rahm has enjoyed a number of significant golf triumphs, and his wife Kelley Cahill has supported him during it all in recent years — here's everything to know about Kelley Cahill.

Rahm won the Masters for the first time in April 2023 at Augusta, Georgia. After the significant victory, the professional golfer and Cahill gave each other a heartfelt and affectionate hug on the 18th hole.

Rahm became the world's best golfer after winning the Memorial Tournament in July 2020, a position he maintained for a record 60 weeks. After just a single year, he made history as the first Spanish golfer to win the US Open, a feat he called a "fairy tale."

However, Rahm values Cahill and their two boys, Kepa and Eneko, more than any golf victory.

"I'm much more interested in raising a family and being a good husband and father than I am in golf," he told Golf Digest in 2019. "Don't get me wrong — I want to be the best golfer I can be. If I had a gun to my head and had to choose between having only one or the other, I wouldn't pick golf … I'd choose family every time."

Rahm attended Arizona State University on a golf scholarship, and he started dating Cahill when they were both students there. At least in 2016, when Cahill first showed up on Rahm's Instagram, their connection began.

"So much fun to spend my first Super Bowl with @cahillkelley," Rahm captioned a photo of the young couple from February 2016. "Thank you for being in my life!!"

Although they initially met at a Halloween party, Rahm subsequently disclosed that he and Cahill are unable to remember the exact moment when their ASU romance began.

After graduating in 2016, Rahm and Cahill have remained involved with their alma university, most recently attending an ASU football game in December 2019.

Cahill participated on the university's track and field team, so Rahm wasn't the only athlete there. At the ASU Invitational in 2013, the Oregonian athlete set a lifetime best in the javelin while throwing for ASU.

But Rahm has never tried his wife's event.

"It's such a weird motion," he told Golf Digest about the javelin throw. "You have to rely on overhand strength, and as a golfer, that's not something I have. She has a lot more overhand strength than I do. And I didn't want to injure myself."

Cahill, who participated in high school tennis as well, isn't afraid to challenge her professional golfer spouse. She told the San Diego Union-Tribune about a particularly heated tennis match she had against Rahm.

Just before Cahill's participation in the 2018 US Open, Rahm proposed to him in June of that year. 

At the PGA Championship in August of the same year, Rahm revealed to the media that he proposed using a ring he had made himself.

On December 13, 2019, Rahm and Cahill got married at the church that he used to visit as a youngster in Bilbao, Spain, Rahm's hometown.