Saturday December 09, 2023

Adam Sandler was not first choice for ‘The Chanukah Song’

‘The King of Hanukkah, Adam Sandler is known famously for ‘The Chanukah Song’

November 21, 2023

Adam Sandler was not first choice for ‘The Chanukah Song’

Adam Sandler just revealed who was first tapped for his infamous “The Chanukah Song” before him.

Because of his performance of "The Chanukah Song" on Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler has been renowned as the king of Hanukkah.

The actor is now disclosing that Roseanne Barr was originally selected to perform the song, but Sandler ended up taking the lead.

In a recent interview, Sandler discussed how, during the week when Barr was hosting the NBC late-night show in 1994, he ended up singing the iconic song that he wrote himself.

“They were talking about Roseanne singing it, and she was nice enough to say ‘no, let Adam do that, that’s his, he wrote it, that’s his song,'” Sandler revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood.

“I’m happy to be a part of Hanukkah. That was a good time of life to be associated with the song and the holiday. Very proud of that,” Sandler added.

The comedian claims that he has continued to sing the song ever since.

“I sing it alone, I sing it without the kids, I go into our basement, I rip it out, I do the soft-shoe to it. No, if it comes on the radio, and I hear it, I get excited, that’s still awesome,” he said.

The first time Sandler sang "The Chanukah Song" on Saturday Night Live was in 1994, during the "Weekend Update" segment. 

When introducing the song, Sandler mentioned that he was inspired to write it by the dearth of songs about Hanukkah. The Three Stooges, Goldie Hawn, David Lee Roth, and other well-known Jewish celebrities were mentioned in the song.

Listen to Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah Song" below: