Thursday November 30, 2023

Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton recreate iconic ‘One Tree Hill’ scene: Watch

Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton played best friends Brooke Baker and Peyton Sawyer on the 2000s sitcom ‘One Tree Hill’

November 16, 2023

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Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton are back at Tree Hill.

The long-time best friends visited the original Wilmington, NC, set of One Tree Hill during a recent ten-year reunion, where they re-enacted an iconic fight scene between Bush’s Brooke and Burton’s Peyton.

The scene in question, re-enacted and posted to both girls’ social media, unfolds in season 3, episode 22, as Brooke confronts her best friend Peyton about liking her boyfriend, Lukas, played by Chad Michael Murray.

As a sound bite from the scene plays, the Drama Queens podcast co-hostesses lip-sycned the dialogues and acted out the scene on the actual set of Peyton’s bedroom.

“He’s on the door, Peyton. He’s on the damn door… under ME!” Bush acted out the powerful line, referring to the names of the Tree Hill boys their characters had called dibs on by writing their names on Peyton’s bedroom door.

Subsequently, Morgan exaggeratedly scrunches up her face as she lip-syncs Peyton’s timid voice, saying, “I don’t want to steal him, okay?!” to which Brooke retorts, “But you like him.”

Bush was apparently the one who suggested the historical re-enactment, posting it to her X account (previously Twitter) with the caption, “Spent the weekend in Tree Hill with my P.Sawyer [red heart emoji] [fire emoji] And … we just had to #OTH,”

Meanwhile, Burton shared the video to her Instagram account, captioning it, “When my lady says, ‘Hilarie, get you’re a** in this room!’, you hustle you’re a** over to your old red bedroom.”