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Hilary Duff receives hilarious 36th birthday wish from husband Matthew Koma

Matthew Koma’s hilarious and honest birthday tribute to Hilary Duff mentions her ‘real’ baby daddy Ed Sheeran and on-off relationship

By Web Desk
September 29, 2023
Hilary Duff receives charmingly hilarious 36th birthday wish from husband Matthew Koma
Hilary Duff receives charmingly hilarious 36th birthday wish from husband Matthew Koma

Hilary Duff may never stop telling her kids the story of how she met their father after his insanely charming and hilarious birthday tribute to her.

Celebrating his wife’s 36th birthday, Matthew Koma took to Instagram on Thursday evening and posted a series of photos featuring the Lizzy McGuire star posing with Ed Sheeran, with whom she has previously musically collaborated, as the opening photo.

“To my birthday girl @hilaryduff … It’s wild to think this first photo of us was taken almost ten years ago,” he humourously began the caption.

Further recalling their actual first meeting during the recording of her 2015 album Breathe In. Breathe Out, the singer-songwriter and record producer quipped “it’s almost like we didn’t break up three times between now and then” (they did).

But, of course, the ever-infatuated Koma, whose real name is Matthew Bair, wasn’t going to not gush over his wife-of-four-years.

“You blow me away everyday with your ability to juggle the un-juggle-able… you do it with such ease and grace. You have an endless well of energy and patience that makes you the super-mom + super wife you are, all while bringing your wildest dreams to earth level, then still somehow giving a shit about our dogs at the end of the day,” he raved.

Koma further wished Duff a year of “miracles to smile about” and “even more baby cow videos to make you audibly ‘awww’,” proving not only how well he knows the How I Met Your Father star but also that he revels in her quirks.

“Thank you for loving us ba, we love you back so much. Happy happy happy birthday. We’re the luckiest and our kids are gonna [sic] be so stocked when they find out Ed Sheeran is their real dad,” he ended the birthday wish on the same humourous note on which it began.