Monday December 04, 2023

Meghan Markle issued warning over ‘deceiving’ strategy which could backfire

Meghan Makle seems to be making a wrong move in a bid to relaunch her career

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023

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Meghan Markle appears to be sending the wrong message to the Royal Family in a bid to relaunch her career.

The Duchess of Sussex has been skipping major royal events following the death of Queen Elizabeth last year, including the historic Coronation of King Charles in May.

However, per PR expert Edward Coram-James, Meghan’s move to snub the royals seems like a dig directed at her husband, Prince Harry and his work. Earlier this month, the former Suits actress arrived to the Invictus Games on the fourth day, citing parental responsibilities as the cause of delay.

“I would argue that the Duchess of Sussex can choose any of the 365 days of the year to focus on parenting,” James critiqued the speech Meghan made after arriving at Invictus to Daily Express US.

“She’s extremely busy and is constantly attending ceremonies, events and work commitments that require her to step away from family life for a short period of time,” he continued. “I would argue that two of the most important days in Harry’s last year have been the Coronation of his father, and the opening of his professional baby Invictus. And Meghan has missed both, to focus on parenting.”

Meghan Markle issued warning over ‘deceiving’ strategy which could backfire

James argued that Meghan chose to take time out for “seemingly less personally significant events this year” sending a wrong message far from reality.

“If Meghan is to dispel rumours of a personal rift with her husband, she should be seen attending the events that are important to him,” James warned. “Just because the optics may not reflect the reality, doesn’t mean that they should not have paid more attention to the optics.”

Despite the optics being “deceiving,” James was of the view that snubbing Prince Harry could have Meghan struggling even more to emerge as a public figure in the long run.