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Taylor Swift's cooking up another smash hit after meetup with Sophie Turner, fans predict

Taylor Swift's chat with Sophie Turner hints potential chart-topping track

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023
Taylor Swift and Sophie Tuners new hangout photo.
Taylor Swift and Sophie Tuner's new hangout photo.

Taylor Swift's swifties predict that she might be cooking up her next chart-topping hit right there at the bar. 

Taylor Swift was captured in a moment of deep contemplation sharing a conversation with Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner at a bar. 

With her face resting in her hands, the singer appears wholly engrossed in their discussion.

Fans dissected a viral photo of Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner during their recent girls' night out in New York. Users on X/Twitter shared their thoughts, with one writing, "I hear the song being written in her head," and another chiming in, "Listening intently while creating a song in her head." 

A third fan penned, "Taking notes for the next big hit," while a fourth exclaimed, "Literally writing her next song." 

A fifth fan simply declared, "She's about to make a banger."

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were spotted strolling arm-in-arm during their night out, which extended until 2 am on a Tuesday. 

The duo enjoyed a low-key dinner at Via Carota in the heart of the city. This outing gained significant attention as it occurred shortly after Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers fame, filed for divorce from Sophie earlier in the month.