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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spotted 'hanging out' amidst number exchange rumors

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce cross paths after his failed phone number attempt

By Web Desk
September 13, 2023
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fuel speculations of romance
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fuel speculations of romance

It appears that Taylor Swift has a new man in her life, as reports suggest she's been quietly dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

According to a source cited by The Messenger on Tuesday, the two have been spending time together, with Taylor seeing Travis during her recent visit to New York City. 

This development comes after Travis Kelce disclosed his previous attempt to connect with Taylor Swift at one of her tour dates in July, which ultimately ended in disappointment. 

The football athlete had a phone number inscribed on a bracelet that he intended to give to the pop star. 

However, when he attended one of Taylor's concerts in Kansas City, his efforts to meet her backstage proved unsuccessful.

During a discussion on his podcast New Heights, Travis shared his experience, remarking, "So she doesn’t meet anybody, and she didn't—or at least she didn't want to meet me, so I took it personally."

Travis co-hosts the podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, an NFL player who happened to face off against Travis' team, the Kansas City Chiefs, at this year's Super Bowl. 

Travis further explained that he was disappointed that Taylor doesn't engage in pre or post-show conversations with fans because she needs to conserve her voice for the extensive number of songs she performs. 

He expressed his regret about not having the opportunity to give her one of the bracelets he had made for her.