Tuesday July 16, 2024

Budget 2023-24: Funds allocation under PSDP at a glance

The share of the federal PSDP is Rs1.15 trillion while that of provincial PSDP is Rs1.559 trillion

June 09, 2023
Workers are busy in construction work of Orange Line Metro Train Project at Allama Iqbal Road in Lahore. — APP/File
Workers are busy in construction work of Orange Line Metro Train Project at Allama Iqbal Road in Lahore. — APP/File

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Friday presented the federal budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 with a total outlay of more than Rs14 trillion.

The total outlay of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the upcoming fiscal year is set at Rs2.709 trillion.

Following are the highlights of fund allocations under the PSDP for various ministries and divisions for the next year.

  • The share of the federal PSDP is Rs1,150 billion while that of the provincial PSDP is Rs1.559 trillion.
  • Rs5.45bhas been earmarked for Aviation Division.
  • Board of Investment will get Rs1.11b
  • Rs90.1b has been earmarked for Cabinet Division.
  • The Climate Change Division will get Rs4.05b.
  • Rs1.1b has been earmarked for Commerce Division.
  • Rs0.36b are allocated for Communication Division (other than NHA).
  • Rs3.4b has been earmarked for Defence Division.
  • Rs2b has been allocated for Defence Production Division.
  • Rs0.84b are allocated for Establishment Division.
  • The Federal Education and Professional Training Division will get Rs8.5b million.
  • Rs3.22b has been allocated for Finance Division.
  • Rs167.9b has been earmarked for Provinces and Special Areas.
  • The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will get Rs59.7b.
  • Rs40.68b has been earmarked for Housing and Working Division.
  • Rs0.814b will be provided to Human Rights Division.
  • Rs3b has been earmarked for Industries and Production Division.
  • Rs2b are allocated for Information and Broadcasting Division.
  • Rs6b will be provided to Information Technology and Telecom Division.
  • Rs1.9b has been earmarked for Inter-Provincial Coordination Division.
  • Rs9.95b has been granted to Interior Division.
  • Rs1.4b has been earmarked for Law and Justice.
  • Rs3.3b has been allocated for Maritime Affairs Division.
  • Rs0.15b has been granted to Narcotics Control Division.
  • Rs8.85b has been earmarked for National Food Security and Research Division.
  • Rs13.1b has been allocated for National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination Division.
  • Rs0.54b has been provided for National Culture and Heritage Division.
  • Rs26.1b has been earmarked for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.
  • Rs0.15b has been allocated for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority.
  • Rs1.5b has been earmarked for Petroleum Division.
  • Rs24.896b has been allocated for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Division.
  • Rs0.5b has been allocated for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division.
  • Rs33b has been allocated for Railway Division.
  • Rs0.8b has been allocated for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division.
  • Rs3.2b has been earmarked for Revenue Division.
  • Rs8b has been earmarked for Science and Technology Research Division.
  • Rs0.964b has been earmarked for States and Frontier Regions Division.
  • Rs6.9b has been earmarked for SUPARCO.
  • Rs107.5b has been allocated for Water Resource Division.
  • Rs157.5b has been allocated to National Highway Authority.
  • Rs54.55b has been allocated for NTDC/PEPCO.
  • Rs200b for Viability Gap Fund (VGF).