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Prince Harry reveals he was ONLY cadet with 'cell phone' in army

Prince Harry talks about using phone during his army training

By Web Desk
April 19, 2023
Prince Harry reveals he was ONLY cadet with cell phone in army

Prince Harry goes down memory lane to recall passing down his mobile phone to fellow cadets at Army Boot camp.

In his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals he was allowed to keep his cellular phone in his room, unlike the rest of the cadets, for security reasons.

The Duke, however, used to help fellow pals contacting their loves back home late at night.

He pens: “At the end of each day I’d sit in my cell, bulling my boots, spitting on them, rubbing them, making them mirrors in which I could see my shorn head. No matter what institution I landed in, it seemed, a tragically bad haircut was the first order of business.”

Harry adds: “Then I’d text Chels. (I was allowed to keep my mobile, for security reasons.) I might tell her how things were going, tell her I missed her. Then I’d loan my phone to any other cadets who might want to text their girlfriends or boyfriends. Then it was lights-out. No problem. I was no longer remotely afraid of the dark.”

Prince Harry officially joined the Army in 2006 and left the institution in 2015.