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Nazish Jahangir breaks silence on rumours about her work ethic

Co-star Fahad Sheikh had recently accused Nazish Jahangir of being "difficult to work with"

By Web Desk
March 27, 2023
Model and actor Nazish Jahangir. — Screengrab/YouTube
Model and actor Nazish Jahangir. — Screengrab/YouTube

Pakistani model turned Nazish Jahangir broke her silence on rumours going around about her work ethic and professionalism.

"I have a very simple principle. In any case, I am a principaled person. Some people find me ill-mannered. I will only be ill-mannered if you are [ill-mannered] with me. This is my problem," she said on a talk show, 'The Night Show with Ayaz Samoo'.

"You don't bug me and I won't bug you," she explained.

"You know how some people say I am difficult to work with," Nazish said, referring to co-star Fahad Sheikh's recent comments on Fahad Mustafa's talk show that Jahangir is a difficult person to work with. "Yes, I am. You too".

Sheikh made the comment during a segment of the show where Mustafa asked him which of his co-stars he would think four times before working with again. Mustafa gave Sheikh these options: Nazish Jahangir, Mashal Khan and Yashma Gill.

Sheikh was initially reluctant to respond, but then took Jahangir's name, with whom he worked in the drama serial Ghamandi, and said it's because Jahangir is "difficult" to work with.

Elaborating on how she makes people pay up when her payments are delayed, she said she doesn't show up to work if she hasn't been paid. "I don't go to work because I ask for money that is my right. I've worked for it," she said, reiterating that she feels if she is not creating trouble for someone then they should not either.

"If I gave you trouble on dates, then maybe you can create trouble on my cheque, but when I have not, then you cant," she said.

"I don’t give anything for free to anyone. We work hard for it,” she said.

Born and raised in Islamabad, Nazish graduated in fine arts and fashion designing before beginning her acting career. She started off with an Anwar Maqsood play in 2015 for which she came to Karachi.

Passionate about theatre since schooling days, after starring in the theatre production, there was no looking back. Nazish received offers from television and was initially reluctant to try her hand at it but then decided to give it a shot.

Jahangir made her television debut in 2017 with drama serial Bharosa, followed by Gali Mein Chand Nikla and Khatakaar