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'Won't give up on my wife' due to controversial videos, says Hareem Shah's husband

Latest controversy surrounding social media sensation Hareem Shah surfaces with leak of her private videos

By Web Desk
March 02, 2023

Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah's husband Bilal Shah has vowed not to abandon his wife in this hour of need, as he expressed anger and disappointment over the private videos leaks controversy, Geo News reported on Thursday.

The latest controversy surrounding the social media sensation surfaced with the leak of her private videos, which she said were released by her friends because of differences that emerged between them.

Bilal said that he has no intention to abandon Hareem despite being repeatedly told so by the people. The couple posted a new video statement, reiterating that their videos were leaked by Hareem's friends — Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz.

Hareem said, her friends leaked the videos to denigrate her character.

Meanwhile, Bilal also stated that he was furious and disappointed by the conduct of her friends as they were allowed to be in their home — a private space — and more so, they were also allowed to share rooms with each other as cordial friends do.

He said he didn't expect that they could do such a thing with their friend. They violated and smeared the character of a woman despite being women themselves, Bilal added.

"In my eyes, they have done a very ungraceful thing." Hareem Shah's husband also said: "After we land in Pakistan, we will take every legal action which could be taken against them."

"A lot of people have been calling and texting him about being an honourless person and that he should leave his wife," Bilal Shah claimed.

Where will she go if I were to leave her? Bilal said, while further adding "a real man in his eyes is a person who stands by his wife in an hour of her need and supports her. Those men who leave their wives in such a time are not real men."

"Those who are calling me names are themselves dishonourable and ignoble." He said: "I am only answerable to Almighty Allah if I leave her it would be an injustice to her.

"I will never leave her in this hour of extreme need", he emphasised.

The TikToker noted with regret that it was her mistake that she trusted them (Sandal and Ayesha) and allowed them in her home and gave them access to everything. "My husband trusts me blindly," Hareem said, confirming that the leaked videos were not fake.

It should be noted that a day earlier Hareem had said before the episode, both of her friends had threatened her that they would leak her videos to social media.

Hareem also said that she had also approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) after the threats but the agency said that "action cannot be taken until the content is made public."

Her friends did that to create problems in her happy married life. "They leaked my personal video by stealing them from my phone out of jealousy and envy," she added.