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King Charles ‘wants something’ from Prince Harry, Meghan in return for apology

A royal expert thinks that if King Charles were to apologise to Prince Harry and Meghan, he would want something in return

By Web Desk
February 09, 2023

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Prince Harry has repeatedly said that he expects an apology from the royal family over the treatment of his wife Meghan Markle, and a royal expert has suggested that if King Charles were to offer an apology, he would want something in return.

As per Express UK, royal expert Afua Hagan shared his thoughts about Prince Harry saying that the ‘ball lies in their (royal family’s) court’ when asked if he wants to fix the royal rift, implying that he expects an apology.

Hagan said: “Harry certainly wants an apology from the Royal Family for the planting of the stories especially, for not defending him and Meghan, for not really being there for them in the way that they needed them.”

“I think a reconciliation will take an apology from the Royal Family to Harry and Meghan and accountability on both sides, more accountability from the Royal Family for the things that they have done and perpetuated,” Hagan added.

He then said: “I think that Harry and Meghan also need to take some accountability as well. The Royal Family won't want it to be them just apologising and Harry and Meghan going thank you and walking away, they're going to want something as well.”

While Hagan did not explicitly say what the royal family may want from Harry and Meghan, it is understood that he suggested accountability and/or apology from the Sussexes for their repeated attacks on the Royal Family.