Monday March 20, 2023

Netflix 'Physical 100' soars to top 3 after BTS Jungkook’s shoutout

Netflix 'Physical 100' reaches Netflix's Top 3 Most-watched shows list

By Web Desk
February 09, 2023
Netflix Physical 100 soars to top 3 after BTS Jungkook’s shoutout

Netflix show Physical 100 reached the top 3 Most-watched shows spot after BTS Jungkook featured it in his livestream.

According to Netflix's recent data, the ratings of Physical 100 skyrocketed and reached a new peak following Jungkook's livestream.

Jungkook held a WeVerse live stream with over 10M real-time viewers on February 2. The BTS maknae was enjoying eating fried chicken and watching Netflix show Physical 100, which is an extreme survival game show, as per Allkpop.

In a press conference for the show held in Seoul on February 7, producer Jang PD expressed his gratitude to Jungkook.

He began by thanking fans, "I was touched looking at fan art and videos for contestants that fans have been uploaded since last week. I want to tell you that the contestants are so grateful."

He added what he thought might be a big reason for the big interest in the show, "BTS' Jungkook watched 'Physical: 100' on live broadcast, and after that, there were 10 million users watching our show," he said. "I tried not to brag, but I can't help it."