Friday March 31, 2023

Anna Kendrick reveals stealing cups for 'Pitch Perfect' 'When 'I'm Gone' scene

'Pitch Perfect' star Anna Kendrick dished on details behind the creation of 'When I'm Gone' scene

By Web Desk
February 08, 2023
Anna Kendrick reveals stealing cups for Pitch Perfect When Im Gone scene
Anna Kendrick reveals stealing cups for 'Pitch Perfect' 'When 'I'm Gone' scene

Anna Kendrick revealed that she and Pitch Perfect director stole a bunch of cups to film the When I’m Gone scene perfectly.

Kendrick, 37, played the main lead in Pitch Perfect, and a song called 'Cups (When I'm Gone' which was a viral hit before, was a part of that movie.

The key to the song’s success was Kendrick's character Beca Mitchell showcasing her acapella cup routine. 

Pitch Perfect star admitted that she along with the film's director stole a bunch of cups so they could get the scene just right.

The Twilight alum dished on details into the When I’m Gone scene creation to make it perfect. 

Fitting the right cup came down to Kendrick and director Jason Moore being regular sticky fingers. 

The Oscar-nominated actress spilled to Vanity Fair about why finding the perfect cup was needed to nail the final scene.

"The director Jason Moore and I, everywhere we filmed, if we saw a cup, we would just steal it. We had this like weird collection to like try out once we got to this stage. We don’t know what the surface of the stage is really gonna sound like."

Kendrick also opened up about how the audition cup came into play for the pivotal scene.

"Then we had to justify that the cup was there. So yeah, someone came in with the pencils and pens thing. I did think it was funny to just like dump it out in front of them. It feels very much like when a cat is like testing you and is like, ‘What if I knocked this over? What would you do?’"