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BTS drops trailer for upcoming concert film ‘BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas’

'BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas' is a film that features sold-out show in Busan, South Korea

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January 16, 2023
BTS drops trailer for upcoming concert film ‘BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas’
BTS drops trailer for upcoming concert film ‘BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas’

BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas' official trailer is out now, the documentary film is all set to release on February 1, 2023.

The film will document BTS’ sold-out concert that held in Busan, South Korea in October 2022.

At the Busan concert last October , BTS member performed on their immensely hit and popular songs including Dynamite, Butter and IDOL, and was prominent for including the band’s first-ever live rendition of Run BTS.

On Monday, the official YouTube channel for the band dropped an anticipating  trailer that features the snippets of the Busan show, with title cards promising “the most memorable concert with seven members”.

A press release further describes Yet To Come in Cinemas as a “re-edited” and “cinematic cut” of the show, featuring “close-up angles and a whole new view of the entire concert.”

All members of BTS, including RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook will be featured in the concert film, which is set for the screening in approx. 4,500 cinemas across more than 110 countries.

Additional screenings will reportedly take place throughout the rest of that week (February 2-5).

BTS: Yet to Come in Cinemas will be premiered in standard cinema formatting, as well as ScreenX, 4DX and 4DX Screen, with the motive of showcasing the atmosphere of a live concert.

The film will also showcase BTS’ previous music documentaries including 2018’s Burn The Stage: The Movie, 2019’s Love Yourself In Seoul and Bring The Soul: The Movie and 2020’s Break The Silence: The Movie.

BTS’ Busan concert was the band's final appearance together for some time, due to their members’ mandatory military service. Jin enlisted in the military as an active duty soldier last month.

All the members of the band are expected to get free from mandatory military service and reconvene as a group by 2025. 

According to the review by NME “BTS have never been a band to do things by halves and the production of this one-off concert reinforces that.

The two-hour show is a sensory overload, from the constant explosions of fireworks down to the attention to detail.”

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