• Punjab PA demands action against producers of blasphemous movie

      September 15, 2012
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      LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly on Friday unanimously passed three separate resolutions, including the one against blasphemous US movie, in which strict possible action was demanded against those responsible for its production and release.

      In the other two separate resolutions, the assembly members expressed profound grief and sorrow over the deaths caused by fire incidents in Lahore and Karachi factories. The session was prorogued due to lack of quorum.

      Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood chaired the FridayĆ¢s session which was convened on the requisition of joint opposition. Earlier, the members offered prayers for the departed souls in the fire incidents on the request of Ch Zaheer.

      PML-Q parliamentary leader Ch Zaheer moved the first resolution, condemning the desecration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the US movie and demanded strict action against those who had produced and released the same.

      It was stated in the resolution that the motion film was in total contrast with the claims of the civilized world regarding respect to the religious sentiments of others and for creating religious harmony.

      The resolution termed the movie a conspiracy which provoked the Muslims in the series which had blasphemous pictures from Denmark, sacrilegious material, etc. as its part. The House held that the repeated acts by the West to disrespect and malign Islam were a clear conspiracy and called upon the government of Pakistan to raise the issue before the United Nations so that at the international level effective steps could be taken to prevent the acts which injured religious feelings of others.

      The second resolution expressed sorrow and grief over the heavy death toll in fires in a garments factory in Karachi and in a shoe factory in Lahore on the same day. The media persons staged a boycott of the session, held protest at the stairs of the Punjab Assembly building and the Opposition expressed solidarity with them.

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