• PTI flays Fauzia Wahab

      February 15, 2011
      Print : Lahore


      PTI Information Secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema has strongly condemned Fauzia Wahab’s statement that Raymond Davis enjoys diplomatic immunity.

      He said the Pakistan Peoples party leader’s statement was aimed at preparing ground for the handing over of Raymond Davis to Washington just to save the looted money and assets of her leaders lying overseas.

      She has blatantly tried to misguide the nation while it has already been reported that Raymond has been given an official visa not the diplomatic one and he does not enjoy the diplomatic immunity, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf leaders said.

      He said Shah Mehmood Qureshi was punished because of his stand that diplomatic immunity could not be extended to Raymond Davis.

      He said Qureshi had kept the national interest foremost and taken a principled stand which was need of the hour but the government’s hostile attitude towards Shah Mahmood Qureshi after his removal from foreign ministry give credence to the fact that it wanted to hand over Raymond Davis to the US at any cost.

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