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19 killed in Khyber Agency blast

- December 17, 2012 - Updated 1115 PKT - From Web Edition

Peshawar: At least nineteen people have been killed and fifty others injured in a blast in Khyber Agency on Monday, Geo News reported.


The blast took place in the Jamrud Bazaar next to the soldier market.


The explosives were planted in a vehicle parked next to the market area.


10-12 vehicles parked near the market along with nearby shops and offices were also destroyed as a result of the blast.


Following the explosion, the area was cordoned off by security forces.

Reader Comments
Hey Zoro -- We unfortunately deal with more of this then you . So kindly dont compare !

The provincial government must have done enough to protect the innocent people of KP who have been at the receiving end since Musharraf joined Bush in the US war on muslims.It seems that the terrorists are trained and funded by foreign Intelligence agencies to kill and terrorise innocent people and to damage the country.The provincial governemnt must have either restored peace in the provice or resigned long ago.In the circumstances they have proved useless parasites in the PPP camp..

Ahmad Shah Mashwani
United Kingdom
@zoro in our country there is everyday mumbai attacks dont blame Pakistan but blame your own country doing mumbai attacks everyday in our country there is no doubt these terrorists are funded and trained and weapon supplies from your agencies along with afghans,us and israel.think before you blame others.

You cannot compare what happened on Nov 26 to what is happening in Pakistan. Pakistan has suffered much more than India because of terrorism. Nearly 40000 innocent Pakistanis were killed in Pakistan because of terrorism while only 160 people died in Mumbai. Besides one billion Indians live in poverty on less than a $1 a day and do not have access to safe drinking water and defecate in public which Pakistanis never do.

One side pakistan grapples with the scourge of taliban/Al Qaeda and suffers on the other hand US says do more and threatenns pakistan with economic and other punishments. Still US has not realised-Kashmir is the crux of the solution to this problem. But the west wants everything, they wont give pak anything, leave the kashmiri's brutalised by India and keep asking pakistan to deal with their failures in Afghanistan.

We wonder the same here too in India ... Now you know whats the pain of Mumbai attack by pakistanis...

It is height of the cruelty. It is not understood as what the terrorists want to achieve by killing innocent people. The LEAs need to enhance checking on Pak-Afghan border because no independent group or individuals can under take such massive operations and killings of people.

Amir Bangash
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