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India: Eid prayer offered in Sikh temple

- August 22, 2012 - Updated 1855 PKT - From Web Edition

DEHRADUN: The Sikhs of Joshimath, a small town in the state of Uttarakhand, have set an example by allowing the Muslim community to offer prayer at their Gurdwara on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Indian media reported.


Every year, Muslims congregate at the Gandhi Maidan in the town but this time it was raining heavily and the ground was consequently slushy. Hence, Sardar Buta Singh who is the gurdwara's prabandhak informed that its main hall can be used by the Muslims to offer prayers.


Accepting the large-hearted invitation, many of the town's Muslim residents entered the gurdwara at 9.30 a.m and participated in the Eid namaaz. Subsequently the Sikhs and the Muslims embraced each other.


Some Hindus too joined in the Eid celebrations there.


Afterwards, Sardar Buta Singh said that he had invited the Muslims to the gurdwara since they were not able to offer worship in the open due to the downpour.


Hailing the Gurdwara committee's exemplary humanity, Maulvi Asif thanked it for the solving the problem which the Muslims had been facing. He added that the committee had shown everyone how to respect all religions.


Joshimath, 250 kms away from Rishikesh, is situated near two famous places of worship - Badrinath and Hemkunt Sahib. Millions of Hindus flock to the former all throughout the year while the latter is an important pilgrimage centre of Sikhs.

Reader Comments
muslims are the most generous and equity sharing community of the world. It is obvious from the fact, When in the caliphate of Hazrat Umar he killed a muslim for killing a non muslim. A person asked the pious caliph what would you do if the whole community of that specific area were involved in the killing of that non muslim. The pious caliph replied I would hang all the community if they were involved in the planning of killing of the non muslim.

Saeed Khan
Recently in California one of the church was taken over by the bank because they were behind in mortgage and the church was locked down, Muslim cumunity offered all worshippers to use Mosque for Sunday mass and create an example so, don't say Muslims won't reciprocate but I do wish Muslims from every part of the world would create the same example and gesture and respect all the religions to make this world a heaven

I see a lot of haters here (towards Muslims - Islamaphobia) think it's worth noticing that none of you are Muslims your self. And have no clue of Islamic tolerance. Sure you can tear bridges down (what you accuse Muslims to do) by chose to spread Propaganda about a few criminals and bad people, as an example for your hate towards the rest 1.570.000.000+ Muslims – Islamaphobia. Let me ask; How many bridges have you build?

Tariq M''balee Ahmad
awesome example set by the sikh community

kashyap ramesh
Also, here in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA a church which is a block from the mosque has allows Muslims to park their cars in the parking lot every Friday. I long to see such a gesture from Muslims anywhere in the world.

Jimmy Rana
WILL Muslims ever allow Sikhs, Hindus or Christians to hold their conjuration in a Masjid or its premises? Syed Ahmed Canada Dear Syed, nobody expects muslims to be so magnanimous in their hearts. As long as they do not try to shove their beliefs in the throats of the non-muslims,that will be great. It will be also useful if they keep their religion to themselves and do not bring it on the street in the non-muslim countries.

Great! One time a friend of mine from Pakistan stayed at my home for weekend. He use our worship room to pay his namaz. There is only one God, we worship differently.

India: Eid prayer offered in Sikh temple Pakistan: Government blocks cellular phone services to thwart any terror attack on mosques. Dear Mr. Sardar Buta Singh, Would you please come to Pakistan and educate the students of Islam (Talebaan) on how to preach Islam and tolerance?

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