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Imran says Altaf violated British law

- May 17, 2013 - Updated 1936 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chief Imran Khan urged the British government to take notice of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain’s speech in accordance with British laws.


Talking to British High Commissioner Adam Thomson at Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital (SKMH), Imran Khan said that Altaf Hussain violated British law in his ‘inflammatory speech.’


The British High Commissioner inquired after the health of Imran Khan during his visit to SKMH.


On Wednesday, the British High Commissioner had stated that Pakistan should take serious notice of Altaf Hussain statement regarding the separation of Karachi. The MET police on the same day issued a statement that they had received several complaints regarding the MQM chief, however no investigation had been initiated yet.

Reader Comments
@nuzhat. You say theives brothers about the Sharifs. You do not know the Extortionist, Murderer leader of yours who gets people out of the way like most of the founder members of your mqm in the Fund-Ailma method. Now he will get farooq sattar & mustafa kamal plus one or two others who are a threat to his Don dom.

@Nuzhat, You are funny. Nawaz won because of Imran and his action after the election to go and make friends with Imran, confirmation that he knows well, next time Imran Khan will be even stronger. Keep in mind, Nawaz won because of the feudal system. If Punjab had an open soceity, Imran Khan would have clean sweep there and become a Prime Minister. Another thing helped Nawaz was a beautiful thing call rigging, in cities like Lahore. It wasn't like what MQM did, but enough to win the seats.

@Nuzhat. Lets concentrate on Altaf. The discussion is around hatred speech.

UK government should take serious action against him he voilated the laws of UK.

@Nuzhat I feel sorry for your remarks on Imran Khan, your Altaf bhai is an enemy of Pakistan - indian agent, he should be tried for treason and corruption charges. Britain will not take action as he is in a political asylum but Britain has opened the doors for Altaf to be extradited so I am requesting CJ Iftikhar to please take notice, if musharraf can be tried so can altaf

How about the hate speeches made by mullas calling all shiites kafirs? Why not Pakistan start with that show Britain how to treat hate mongers?

I want to ask British government how would they feel if a person/group living in Pakistan start telling British citizens to start attacking people who do not agree with them. Oh wait they are called Taliban and British government calls them terrorists. Altaf bhai is a terrorist.

If Imran wants to make peace with Taliban and Nawaz, he has already failed. People had false hopes.

siddiq karim
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