Monday October 03, 2022

Fuelling misery

September 23, 2022

The unceasing increase in petrol prices threatens to break the backs of the people of Pakistan. Petrol is being sold at around Rs235 per litre in all the cities, while the price of diesel, around Rs247, has also reached new heights. The impact on the economy of these increases will be disastrous. Petrol and diesel are required to transport agricultural commodities and other essentials, hence, any rise in petrol prices will have ripple effects that makes all other items more expensive. Furthermore, Pakistanis are also facing a lack of jobs, sluggish wage growth and declining real household incomes. Even the middle class is struggling to meet their financial responsibilities. Under these circumstances an increase in fuel prices is akin to pouring some proverbial fuel on a raging fire. The government must become cognizant of the pain these increases are causing the people and come up with a remedy.

Hareem Fatima