Wednesday October 05, 2022

FATF condition: Filling out currency declaration forms made must for international passengers

August 17, 2022

LAHORE: The government of Pakistan has started implementation of one of the major requirements of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regarding the currency declaration by inbound and outbound international passengers.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has declared it is mandatory for all international passengers coming to or moving out of Pakistan to fill out currency declaration forms and hand over them to the airline staff. It has been mandatory for the passengers to disclose all types of domestic and foreign currencies on the currency declaration form which must be filled out before check-in for the flight.

CAA representatives also explained all the clauses of the currency declaration form to the staff members of all domestic and international airlines during a meeting held on Monday in Faisalabad.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has also directed all airlines to ensure the availability of currency declaration forms at all of their ticket booking offices as well as to set up special counters to receive these forms.

According to the official statement issued by the CAA, with reference to the federal government’s instructions conveyed by CAA regarding the submission of customs declaration (including currency declaration) by all inbound/outbound international passengers, a meeting had been chaired by Chief Operating Officer/APM and participated by all airlines, and ground handling agencies to discuss the subject instructions.

According to notification issued by CAA, for inbound flights, airlines are required to ensure in-flight announcement by the flight crew for every inbound flight for submission of subject declaration wherein the passengers will mention the currency under the regulatory requirements of FATF. The airline crew will distribute the declaration forms during the flight to all the passengers, irrespective of their nationality. The said declaration will be deposited at the customs counter before the immigration desks at international arrival.

For outbound flights, airlines may also direct their staff/travel agents to ensure that they provide a copy of the declaration at the time of booking of ticket. At check-in counters, airlines are directed to issue boarding pass only once the passengers have deposited the declaration with them.

Pakistan Customs are required to deploy their staff along with airline staff to supervise/assist the passengers at the dedicated facilitation counter inside the check-in hall. The airline staff will collect the declarations and hand over the same to the customs staff after the closure of the flight along with the passenger’s manifest. CAA will provide space and counters for the collection of all declaration forms. The above instructions are effective immediately.

CAA spokesman has directed Pakistan Customs to depute staff at all international airports and passengers will be assisted by customs and airline staff. The CAA will provide full support to Customs and Airlines to implement the FATF Code of Conduct.


    Shoaib commented 2 months ago

    Please share the form for departure from Karachi airport to avoid last moment rush and fill the form in advance for females with children travellers especially.

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      Arslan Maroof commented 2 months ago

      Can someone please share this form, I can not get a copy of it to download anywhere. The website is not working

    Mr Jinnah commented 2 months ago

    It shames me to say the actual website to download the form does not seem to load up in any browser, is there some load shedding going in the corrupt government depts who seem to be very adept at making our great nation the laughing stock of the world

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