Wednesday September 28, 2022

Safe City cameras to be used for aerial surveillance of processions

August 07, 2022

Islamabad : The police officers responsible for keeping peace during the Muharram-ul-Haram, have issued a comprehensive security plan to provide peaceful atmosphere of mourners of Hussain (A.S) and martyrs of Karbala.

Overall security of the federal capital, specifically Imambargahs and holy places of worship, have been put on high alert following orders of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, reeking some hazard during the mourning events.

The capital police have ramped up security in the district to shield the processions as well as to maintain law and order during Muharram, the officers engaged in keeping peace, said on Saturday.

The Islamabad administration, meanwhile, has banned pillion riding during Muharram, the DC Office said.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon, imposing Section 144 across the district, put ban on pillion riding and the ban will be for two days on 9th and 10th of Muharram (Ashura). The general public is advised to cooperate with the Islamabad administration, the office of the deputy commissioner said and added, strict action will be taken against the people found in violation of law.

Rigorous security measures have been finalised during Muharram in Islamabad to ensure peace during the holy occasions, entry and exit routes for the processions have been allocated, the official sources said. Participants will not be allowed to enter the processions except at the designated entry points. Aerial surveillance of the processions will also be observed with Safe City cameras, they maintained.

The 3-tier security will be provided to the processions and ‘majalis’, all the processions will also be monitored by Safe City cameras. During procession people are not allowed to go on the roof. There should be no presence of any suspicious vehicle or person around the processions. All the roads and streets coming in the way of the processions will be closed. Special checking of the procession route will be done before the procession starts. Clear the route for bomb disposal.

Similarly, video recording of all meetings and processions should be done. Such scholars whose entry has been banned in Islamabad should be closely monitored.

Apart from the traditional ‘majalis’ and processions, no ‘majalis’ or processions will be allowed. Volunteers will also perform duty along with the police. There should not be wall chalking in any area. Ensure punctuality in the beginning and end of the ‘majalis’ and processions. It should be made, during the processions and assemblies, keep contact with the members of the Peace Committee, there should never be any suspicious vehicle or person around the procession. Before the start of the procession, special checking of the route of the procession will be done and the route of the procession will be cleared for bomb disposal.

The people will be allowed to enter the procession and ‘majalis’ from the designated entry points after thorough search. There will be complete ban on entry of vehicles and motorcycles in the procession. Parking will be made 300 meters away around the Imambargahs. The pilgrims who join the procession will be checked by metal detectors. Special attention will be kept on the buildings under construction on the way of the procession. In this regard, security will be on high alert throughout the district. This duty is very important, so all Zonal SPs, SDPOs, SHOs will supervise each procession themselves, every officer will take full responsibility for this duty.

He said though the administration didn’t receive any proper threat from the terrorist outfits but the sensitive agencies were directed to be extra vigilant, especially during the mourning processions and ‘Majalis-e-Aza’.

“Police and law enforcing agencies will remain on high alert during the holy month, amid the fear of violent uproar on the occasion of ‘Majalis-e-Aza’ and mourning processions”, he maintained adding that Bomb Disposal Squads, Fire Fighting Units and Ambulances would remained alert and follow the procession.

He said that foolproof security measures have been taken to secure the occasion. He said that entry points have been fixed for the entrance of the mourners while police pickets have been installed in and around Islamabad to intercept the miscreants.