Saturday July 02, 2022

Profiteers rule the roost: as committee fails to check rising prices of eatables

May 23, 2022

Rawalpindi : The local administration has issued an official price list and warned profiteers and hoarders to obey this price list at any cost otherwise strict action would be taken against them. But, profiteers and hoarders have thrown the official price list of the district administration into a bin and looting the public as per routine.

It seems that the local administration, Rawalpindi is completely unaware of the prices of daily consumable items like sugar, meat, pulses, chicken, rice, milk, ‘atta’, and ‘roti’ sold in the open market.

Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi Tahir Farooq issued official price list here on Sunday.

There is a big price difference in government and open market rates but the local administration has once again completed paperwork by issuing an official price list according to Notification No IPWM/RWP/42/62 in which Deputy Commissioner (DC) has fixed the price of 120-gram ‘roti’ at Rs10 and 120-gram ‘naan’ at Rs13 whereas powerful ‘naanbais’ are selling a ‘roti’ at Rs12 and a ‘naan’ at Rs15 and in some of the areas at Rs18 for past two years.

The citizens belonging to different walks of life strongly protested against local management for not fixing the prices of ghee/cooking oil, red chili, washing powder, tea pack, chicken and several other items.

According to the notification Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi has fixed the rate of mutton at Rs1200 and beef at Rs600 per kilogram, whereas one kilogram of mutton is being sold at Rs1700 while beef at Rs700 to Rs750.

The local administration fixed basmati rice at Rs160 while it is being sold from R230 to250 per kilogram, ‘daal channa’ is being sold at Rs172, ‘daal mong’ fixed price is Rs152 but it is being sold at Rs170 per kilogram, ‘daal masar’ rate is Rs252 but it is being sold at Rs270. The DC fixed the prices of white chickpeas at Rs262 while it is being sold at Rs300 per kilogram in the market.

The local administration has fixed the price of ‘daal mash’ at Rs302 but it is being sold at Rs340 per kilogram.

Similarly, the local administration has fixed the rate of milk at Rs110 but milkmen are selling it at Rs130 per litre. The concerned authority has fixed the yogurt rate at Rs140 per kilogram.

The local administration does not fix the prices of red chili, eggs, chicken, ghee/cooking oil, and several other items and directed to buy all these items as per printed prices. There is no control over vegetable prices here in all sabzi mandis.

The figures show the non-serious attitude of the CDGR as its officials are only doing paperwork and dealing with pubic-related issues casually. On papers, the local management is showing that all kitchen items are available at low prices but the story is quite different in the open market. The locals have appealed to Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi to monitor Price Control Magistrates as they are not visiting the markets regularly.

The reliable sources said that so-called Price Control Magistrates neither visit open market shops nor attend their offices for official work.