Wednesday May 25, 2022

Punjab govt purchased no vehicle for CM Secretariat since 2018: SACM

By Our Correspondent
January 16, 2022

LAHORE: Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Punjab for Information and spokesperson, Hasaan Khawar has said that no vehicle was purchased for Chief Minister’s Secretariat since 2018. He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came into the government with the slogan of austerity that is why no new vehicle was purchased for the Chief Minister’s Office since 2018, however, the existing fleet of vehicles was also halved.

The spokesperson also said that the funds are allocated for the repair and maintenance of the government establishments around the world. It is inappropriate to call the funds allocated for the repair and maintenance of the CM Secretariat, a renovation. Referring to the Murree tragedy, he said that on the direction of the CM Punjab, stern and indiscriminate action would be taken against those responsible once the inquiry committee finalises its fact finding report, due next week.

He further maintained that the political parties all over the world put forth their ideologies but unfortunately, the opposition in Pakistan only clamors with its stereotypical 18th century script.

Hassan Khawar said that the opposition would continue its chorus of hue and cry till 2023. He said that the institutes like Federal Investigation Agency and Punjab Forensic Science Agency were active in Pakistan with regard to white collar, cyber and tech crimes and the government was enhancing their capabilities as per the requirements of the modern age.

Addressing the participants of HR Tech Fest 2022 organized here at a local hotel, he said that due to ever changing modern technology, shape of careers in the world was changing rapidly.

Technology has literally transcended physical borders between the countries.

He further said that the developing countries like Pakistan have a wonderful opportunity to traverse a hundred years gap in a single leap and stand in the ranks of the developed countries.

He said that 64% of the population in Pakistan is below 30 years of age and one out of every three persons is between 15 and 29 years of age.

According to the vision of Prime Minister, Imran Khan, the government was striving to adapt this youth bulge in line with the demands of the new age.

He said that together with the youth, the incumbent government would take Pakistan to the place where the developed countries were today.