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Wahab inaugurates reconstruction work at Gizri Football Stadium

January 16, 2022
Wahab inaugurates reconstruction work at Gizri Football Stadium

Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab on Saturday inaugurated reconstruction work at the Gizri Football Stadium.

The stadium had been rebuilt at a cost of Rs170 million under the Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project and it would be opened for the public the following year, Wahab, who is also a spokesperson for the Sindh government, said. After the completion of reconstruction at the stadium, the youth of the area would not have to travel long distances for a playground. He said two underground tanks were also been constructed to supply water to the residents of Gizri.

During the inauguration ceremony, he asked the political parties participating in the sit-in against the Sindh Local Government Amendment Bill why didn’t they protest against poverty, hunger, inflation and a sharp rise in medicine prices. "The people are being crushed in the mill of inflation but the opposition parties in Sindh have ignored these problems."

"We have given Sindh a proportional local government system. The provincial government is buying 240 new buses and out of those buses, 40 will reach Karachi on January 31. Karachi will change, and it is changing," the administrator.

According to the vision of Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, they had built People's Square near Burnes Road under the Karachi Neighborhood Scheme, adding that construction of roads in Korangi, Haideri and Malir was under way, the administrator said. Construction work at the Kakri Ground in Lyari started a week ago to provide sports facilities to the citizens.

Boat Basin food street was being renovated and foundation stones of four parks had been laid in its vicinity.

Taking about the Askari Park, the management of the park had decided to hand over it to the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.