Thursday January 20, 2022

Teachers voice concern about LG ordinance

November 30, 2021

Islamabad: Federal government has recently promulgated local government ordinance and devolved education to the level secondary education.

Representatives of teacher associations visited the ministry and met the officials of MOFEPT regarding their concerns after the promulgation of the ordinance. These representatives expressed their concerns against devolution of education department as this is likely to impact the service structure including security of service.

They said the ordinance was likely to impact adversely various service benefits and related perks. They were also apprehensive of loss of loan and housing facilities as the local government may not be able to protect their potential financial privileges.

They were also fearful of political interference due to devolution. The ministry officials assured them that the ordinance has been recently enacted and there is considerable transition period to implement the plan. However, they said all existing service structures and benefits of teachers will remain protected.

The officials promised the ministry's full support and cooperation during the transition period to ensure that the matters are resolved amicably in a manner that it doesn't adversely impact their service structures. They said the ministry was determined that the main stakeholders including teaching staff and other employees will be kept engaged in all matters relating to their service conditions during the transition.