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National, armed forces day of Bosnia celebrated

November 27, 2021

Islamabad : Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research Syed Fakhar Imam while addressing as chief guest the National Day and the Armed Forces Day of Bosnia Herzegovina paid rich tributes to the gallant Bosnian nationals who laid down great sacrifices for the sake of an independent homeland and build a state of their own from the ashes, says a press release.

The people and the government Bosnia Herzegovina came out of the worst humanitarian crisis with flying colours, said Syed Fakhar Imam.

Since we have a long history of territorial dispute with our neighbouring country, we understand how grave and difficult it would be for the citizens and the government of Bosnia to recover from and sustain the pangs of oppressions.

Despite all those difficult times, the world today sees Bosnia emerging as the fast-developing modern country, said Imam while referring to the country’s GDP, Imports and Exports.

“The Pakistani people and the government would always stand by the people and the government of Bosnia and would go out of the way to support you,” assured Fakhar Imam.

On the occasion, souvenirs were presented to Hon Consul General of Bosnia in Peshawar Ahsan Saleem and Lahore, Danish Iqbal.

The highlight of the evening however was cutting of the cake by toddler Salko Foric, son of the ambassador who according to him is a gift of his stay in Pakistan.

Salko was born in PAF Hospital and will keep us reminding of the blissful period we spent here, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Brig Gen (r) Sakib Foric said.

The event was attended by diplomats, Bosnian citizens, notable personalities of the town, Pakistanis who served in Bosnia or were on their way to serve there.

Ambassador Sakib Foric while thanking the guests and friends for attending the event in large number and coming to celebrate the 25th National Day and the Armed Forces Day of his country said his stay in Pakistan as Ambassador of Bosnia was coming to an end but he would continue to cherish the sweet memories of the days spent in Pakistan.