Monday November 29, 2021

Help in harvest

October 24, 2021

The Rabi sowing season is coming soon. Depending on area and variety, harvesting of cotton and sugarcane also happens between September and December. Cotton needs to be picked and stored properly, and sugarcane needs to be transported to mills on time for crushing to avoid a sugar crisis in the country. The government ought to provide timely support to farmers so that they get quality seed and advice for the wheat crop. It would be great if the government announced the wheat support price now to encourage farmers to sow wheat.

We have had wheat shortage in the country in recent years, and the chief ministers of all provinces must coordinate to ensure that everything is done to support farmers for a bumper crop. Similarly, the provincial governments must ensure that everything is in place for a smooth transition of sugarcanes from farmers to mills. Here again, support price would play a critical role. It is hoped that the federal and the provincial governments can look past their differences and work together to put systems in place that help avoid food shortages in the country.

Raja Shafaatullah