Saturday December 04, 2021

PMLN holds protest against high inflation in Sukkur

October 23, 2021

SUKKUR: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) on Friday took out a protest rally against the unprecedented rise in inflation and price hike.

The PML-N rally marched through different parts of the city and ended at the Sukkur Press Club, where the party’s local leaders addressed the rally, saying the people were spending lives in misery and are forced to commit suicide due to high inflation and rising cost of living.

The protesters held Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet responsible for their misery, demanding registration of FIR against the PTI government and his ministers. They said ‘Tsunami Khan’ has not only failed to provide any relief to the common man during his entire

three years, but also imposed unprecedented inflation on the nation.

The PMLN workers claimed that during their party’s regime, the sugar price was Rs50, while petrol was sold at Rs70 per litre and cooking oil Rs150 per kilogram. Now with the incumbent PTI government, there has been an over 1,000 percent rise in the cost of utilities.