Tuesday October 26, 2021

PM Imran Khan makes appointments through magic, genies: Maryam Nawaz

October 14, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan makes appointments through magic spells, Djins and occult.

Talking to the media outside the Islamabad High Court after hearing of her case, she said the PMLN would not allow Imran Khan to become a political martyr because of his government’s corruption, incompetence and failures.

To a question, she said “Imran is neither a constitutional nor an elected prime minister. Imran is occupying the seat of prime minister by ‘robbing’ the mandate of Nawaz Sharif.” She said Imran Khan is running the affairs of the country on the basis of magic spells, occult, “Jantar Mantar and Tota Fall”. The country has been turned into a laughing stock on the world stage if Djins (supernatural and occult) play a role in appointments of the most important security institutions. She said if the magic spell is so successful, why doesn’t the PM employ them to improve the performance of government and to reduce the prices of flour, sugar and diesel.

The PMLN leader said: “The whole country has been turned into an object of universal derision “Tamasha” because you want to retain a person who runs your government and stalks your political opponents.” She said no one can fool the nation who know the real power wielders behind the PM.

She asked Imran Khan not to try to become Nawaz Sharif who sacrificed his government, faced persecution, false cases and imprisonment at the Attock Forat and confronted the agony to see his daughter interned in prison cell. “ Nawaz Sharif defied diktat and campaigned for honouring the people’s mandate,” she said.

Maryam asked for Imran Khan’ political ideology “His political identity is to conspire against an elected prime minister and stage a 126 day sit threatening to drag the elected PM out of his residence in anticipation of the Umpire’s signal,” she said. She told Imran Khan has no respect for constitution as an elected prime minister. “One cannot become a lion by roaring like one,” she said, adding that the PTI government would be held answerable for its failures and unprecedented price hike.

Asked what would be her party’s response if any unconstitutional step is taken to overthrow the PTI government, Maryam said Imran is not a constitutional prime minister and he must be held answerable. The PMLN with the support of people would campaign across the country to remove the government imposed on the masses, she said.

When asked why the appointment of the head of a security institution was turned into an issue, she said: “This happens when magic spells and ghosts take such decisions.”