Saturday November 27, 2021

Imran’s tsunami of incompetency playing havoc with country: Bilawal

May 13, 2021

ISLAMABAD: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the claims of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding changing Pakistan have proven disastrous by time as the country has reached the verge of complete destruction due to economic catastrophe.

“Imran Khan’s tsunami of incompetency is playing havoc with country,” he said in a statement Wednesday. Bilawal said levelling false accusations on country’s political leadership regarding money- laundering and corruption have never been proved in any court of law and the sheer manifest of his sick mentality has pushed the country to the wall. “By making false allegations of money-laundering and corruption for political revenge, the country is facing the challenges of being blacklisted. Instead, the puppet prime minister and his cronies are breaking record of corruption,” he added. Bilawal said it was a matter of utmost shame that owing to policy of revenge, flawed plans for the country and complete ineptitude, Pakistan could not be taken out of the grey list of the FATF like world’s poorest countries such as Cambodia, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

He said the PPP-led federal government in the past had secured the status of GSP-Plus from the European Union for economic benefits to the country but sadly Imran Khan’s entire campaign proved a deadly fraud against the nation and his incompetency has put the country’s future at stake. “Fraudulent slogans of accountability have fully been exposed as baseless and the selected PM can no more deceive the masses,” he added.

Bilawal asked Imran to explain to the nation as how much money he brought back to the national exchequer during his 997-day-long misrule till date after he continuously levelled accusation on others for minting Rs12 billion from corruption. “Only the PPP has been on the ground with a sound demand for the true implementation of the National Action Plan. However, the PTI regime failed to implement that Plan and thus the country faced devastating impacts on the economy,” he remarked. He warned that the tsunami of inflation, poverty and collapsing economy could never be restored to normalcy through just a ‘phone call drama’ by the premier.