Monday November 29, 2021

Jeweller arrested for robbing own shop in Clifton

“I lost Rs4 million in a bet and staged the entire drama to pay off my overall Rs8 million debt.”

May 07, 2021
Police recovered jwellery from a shop in Saddar.

In a major development in one of the biggest robberies of the year, police arrested the co-owner of a jewellery shop for planning the robbery himself to pay off his debts.

A jewellery shop located in the Teen Talwar area in Clifton was robbed a couple of days ago. The co-owner, Asid, claimed that robbers used cutters to enter the shop and took away 10 to 12 kilogrammes of gold.

Following the incident, police investigators reached the shop to collect evidence and registered a case. Later, during the initial course of investigations, they found Asif doing suspicious activities hours before the incident as he was seen disconnecting CCTV cameras and taking off cloth from gold items in the shop in footage.

“During the investigation, the complainant, Asif, confessed that he was behind the robbery,” police said. “I lost Rs4 million in a bet and staged the entire drama to pay off my overall Rs8 million debt.”

Police said Asif also sought help from his friend, namely Waseem, to make the robbery plan successful and also promised to give the 10 per cent amount of the robbery to him. Later, police also arrested Waseem.

“Police are working on very professional lines as they used all the modern gadgets and technologies to probe this ‘biggest robbery of the year’ within a couple of days,” said Zone South police chief DIG Javed Akbar Riaz talking to The News. “This is one of the most recent achievements. Within two days, the police arrested the suspect who also confessed the crime and police also made the recovery of the ‘looted’ gold.”

DIG Riaz said police were now working with dedication, and providing protection to the citizens and their properties. Sharing the confessions made by the complainant, the officer said Asif had 10 per cent shares in the shop and the major owner was his brother, a very influential and rich person. However, the shop was all managed by Asif.

“The suspect confessed that multiple reasons compelled him to carry out a ‘robbery’ at his own shop,” the DIG said, adding that Asif had squandered a large amount of money in betting as well as lost Rs4 million in a property.

The officer explained that police started to doubt the complainant when they found he was not interested in pursuing the case. ”Later, police sought help from modern and technical evidence and found him guilty.”