Sunday January 16, 2022

Nadra says also issuing certificates for double dose vaccines

May 04, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Reference to the news item published in The News captioned as “Nadra can’t issue certificates for single-dose vaccines”, Nadra spokesman has refuted the claim of the reporter terming it speculative and unfounded.

Nadra spokesman in a clarification said that it has been issuing certificates for both single-dose and double-dose vaccines. He said people who had been vaccinated with single-dose vaccines have already received vaccine certificates from the authority. To this effect, Nadra has so for issued 1, 451 certificates for single-dose of CanSino Bio vaccine, the spokesman informed.

Whereas, 47,288 certificates have been issued for double-dose across the country. The spokesman also requested the general public not to pay heed to such disinformation and hoaxes. They can conveniently receive vaccine certificates for single-dose as well as double-dose from the authority.