Tuesday October 26, 2021

Agri scientists directed to develop new varieties of crops

January 29, 2021

LAHORE:Agricultural scientists should focus on developing new varieties of crops that can withstand the ongoing climate change and have high productivity with resistance to diseases, which will increase agriculture yields per acre and farmers' profit.

This was stated by Provincial Minister for Agriculture Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi while presiding over the 54th meeting of Punjab Seed Council at Agriculture House here Thursday.

The meeting approved 47 new varieties of public-private sector agricultural commodity seeds, including 7 Bt cotton, 2 dates, 3 peanuts, 2 chickpeas, 2 Groundnut, 2 Sorrghum, 1 Guar, 2 ALfalfa, 3 Rice basmati and 1 Rice hybrid basmati, 5 hybrid varieties of Maize and 1 common variety of Maize, 1 variety turnip, radish and ginger respectively, 2 potato varieties, 1 Rapeseed, 2 wheat (Rainfed) and 2 irrigated wheat varieties besides 2 ber fruits, 1 Tulsi, 1 stevia and 1 type of Pearl Millet.

The minister congratulated the agricultural scientists on the development of new varieties and directed them to further improve the research trials/ data and for the future approval of varieties of agricultural commodities in Punjab Seed Council for Variety Registration and DNA was made conditional on fingerprinting in future.

The minister urged the agricultural scientists to discover varieties that could be profitable while keeping the production cost of farmers in the field for five years or more. He said that on the direction of the chief minister, new varieties of resistant crops were being prepared so that the incidence of diseases on crops could be minimised and agricultural production per acre could be increased. He said that there was need to develop varieties of quality seed which would restore the confidence of growers and create opportunities for Agricultural Businessmen to strengthen their business.

The minister directed to form a committee which would examine the new varieties of cotton as per the set international standards and it would have representation from Aptma, Director General (Research) and private sector.

Special Secretary Agriculture Waqar Hussain, MD Punjab Syed Corporation Muhammad Khalid Raju, Director General Agriculture (Extension) Dr Anjum Ali, Director General Agriculture (Research) Dr Zafar Iqbal, Director Central Cotton Research Institute Multan Dr Saghir, Director Directorate of Agricultural Information Punjab Muhammad Rafiq Akhtar and members of Punjab Seed Council and breeders of public and private sector participated in large numbers.