Friday May 20, 2022

Callous remarks

January 09, 2021

It is incomprehensible as to why Imran Khan could not go to Quetta to console the aggrieved men, women and children, who have been sitting with the coffins of their murdered family members in the extremely cold weather of Quetta. On top of that, Imran Khan displayed extreme insensitivity by saying that mourners cannot practice this blackmail on him. These mourners one of whom was reported to have lost the last adult male member of the family are asking the PM to visit Quetta. How can these powerless and vulnerable people be in a position to blackmail him? Actually, when it comes to real blackmailers, Imran Khan surrenders without a fight. After all, no one who was involved in the recent sugar, wheat and other scams has received adequate punishment.

S R H Hashmi