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Awami Tehreek slams ordinance to form Pakistan Islands Development Authority

By News Desk
October 05, 2020

Hundreds of Awami Tehreek activists, mainly women, participated in a rally on Sunday to protest against the alleged conspiracies to divide Sindh, the plan to build a city on the twin islands of Bhundar and Dingi, and the government’s failure to provide relief to the flood-affected people.

The rally, led by AT chief Dr Rasool Bakhsh Khaskheli, walked from Pakistan Chowk to the Karachi Press Club. The protesters said that anti-Sindh forces have been hatching conspiracies to divide the province and hand Karachi over to the federation, but Sindhis know how to protect their motherland.

They said that the purpose of this rally is to convey the message of unity. AT has challenged all such anti-Sindh elements and will continue doing so because the people of the province are sensitive about the integrity of their motherland and will protect it at all costs, they added.

They also slammed the ordinance to form the Pakistan Islands Development Authority, which aims at developing the barren islands in the territorial waters of the country. They lashed out at the leadership of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) for their discreet silence over the issue, claiming that the PPP is hand in glove with the forces that want to separate Karachi from Sindh so that they can save the skins of their top leaders.

The protesters said they will foil all such attempts with the help of Sindh’s people. They said the PPP has laid the foundation of the province’s bifurcation by accepting the Karachi committee, which they claimed is a move to sever the city from Sindh.

AT leader Noor Muhammad Katyar, Sindhiani Tehreek leader Subahni Dahri, Sindh Hari Committee leader Dr Dildar Laghari, Sindh Shagard Tehreek leader Pardeep Gulab and other leaders spoke on the occasion.