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Not in talks with any non-political quarter, says Shahbaz

August 11, 2018

LAHORE: PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif on Friday said he wasn’t involved in dialogue with any non-political force and he had talked about talks with the political forces.

Talking to daily Jang, he said dialogue was always the best option whenever two countries or rival forces were in conflict, adding that continuation of talks was necessary currently to keep the opposition united.

Answering a question, Shahbaz said it was correct that he maintained contacts with the establishment in the past and also held meetings with the military leadership now and then.

“I am still blamed today that I have a soft corner with regard to the establishment, but it is interpreted in another manner then it shows that I believe in good understanding among the institutions,” said the PML-N president.

He explained that his philosophy and stance was that there should not be nay hurdle in national development and stability.

When asked what he and the PML-N gained through this soft corner, Shahbaz said hurdles had been created in the formation of PML-N government in Punjab too, but his attitude and stance was in the context of entire situation and he did not see the things in the light of personal interests.

About the criticism over not participating in the August 8 protest organised by the opposition, he said flight was cancelled due to bad weather and he should have decided to leave for Islamabad via motorway. He, however, added that it was a long battle which would continue.

There would be lot of opportunities inside and outside the assembly and the critics were going to be silent at the end, he remarked.

Replying to a query, the PML-N president said he had a good discussion with Nawaz Sharif at Adiala jail, adding that the party supremo was determined despite the difficulties he had been facing there.