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NA-120: new party aims to enforce Sharia

September 17, 2017


A candidate, who knew from day one that he faces the toughest challenge in NA-120 by-election, is Sheikh Azhar Hussain Rizvi, fielded by Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan (TLP).

TLP is a newly established political party, a torch-bearer of upholding the honour of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Besides, it is striving to enforce Islamic system of Shariah in the country. TLP is patronised by one of the noted religious scholars in Punjab, Dr Allama Khadim Hussin Rizvi.

Azhar Hussain Rizvi is the most inexperienced candidate and facing tough rivals of experienced parties like the PML-N, PPP and Jamaat-e-Islami. Hailing from a religious family of inside Texali Gate, Sh Azhar Hussain Rizvi received religious education from Jamia Nomania, and at present he is serving his institution as its secretary. He is a businessman and earns his livelihood from importing and supplying wood furniture polish.

Talking to The News, he said TLP emerged from the movement Tehrik Labbaik Ya Rasoollah (TLYR) as its political arm a few months back and is among the youngest of the political entities in the country like Milli Muslim League. 

He said that basic reason for contesting NA-120 by-election was to struggle for establishment of Nizam-e-Mustafa in the country and protect Islamic laws against the western-backed conspiracies. He said both the PPP and PML-N had been taking turns to rule the country over the last thirty years, but instead of serving the people, they plundered public wealth and amassed huge money abroad in shape of properties, luxury flats, off-shore companies and business empires. He said even relatives of Nawaz Sharif like Ishaq Dar had become billionaire by establishing huge businesses in Dubai and Europe.He said TLP wanted to bring an end to the victimisation of religious people in the country in the garb of anti-terrorist operations. He said thousands of prayer leaders were booked under the terrorism laws and Amplifier Act, and put under fourth schedule. Besides, loudspeakers of mosques were removed in the name of anti-sectarianism and extremism measures. He said the nation had got fed up with Nawaz Sharif for his betrayal with regard to enforcement of Islamic laws.

Sh Azhar Hussain also clarified a vicious campaign against him that spread a false news and photographs on social media claiming that he had retired in support of PML-N candidate Begum Kulsoom Nawaz. He termed the reports baseless, aimed at damaging his political campaign and alleged that the ugly campaign was the work of the PML-N media cell. 

When asked if his candidature would divide the religious votes in the constituency since there are three candidates of Islamist parties contesting for the seat, he said every party had its own unique agenda. He said TLP was ready to join hands with any party having a common agenda and which agreed to support the cause pursued by the TLP.