Tuesday September 26, 2023

Localities of Rawalpindi fall victim to unprecedented power breakdowns

May 18, 2017


Some localities of Rawalpindi along Benazir Bhutto (BB) Road have become victim of frequent abrupt and unscheduled power breakdowns ever since the construction/comm-issioning of Rawal-pindi-Islamabad Metro bus.

A Wapda source told ‘The News’ that the frequent breakdowns have so much irked the population that people prefer not to rent houses for living in these localities.

According to the reports the residents of Faizabad, Shamsabad, Farooq Azam Road on the left bank of BB Road from Islamabad side are facing long unscheduled/sudden power breakdowns leaving the entire area in darkness in nights and without water and in shape of abrupt stoppage of electronic appliances resulting in numerous complications including turning electronic appliances out of order.

  Apart from the sudden shutdowns this area in particular is deprived of regular electricity supply in the name of maintenance for long hours. This happens on almost weekly basis. When contacted the Wapda SDO admitted that the area was subjected unscheduled/unann-ounced shutdowns mainly caused by the underground transmission carried out to save Metro elevated track. The sources in Wapda said that the underground transmission from the grid station opposite BB Road caused more technical faults than the earlier transmission through electric poles in other areas of the city. The underground electricity transmission needed to be done on whole of Metro route as was originally planned but later it as only done in case of crossing the BB Road towards these unfortunate localities.