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PFA fails to take single sample of milk, water from dairies in Rawalpindi

December 30, 2016


Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has failed to take even a single sample of milk and water from dairies in Rawalpindi, which has allowed the milk mafia to continuously play with the lives of innocent public by selling unhygienic milk. The public has strongly appreciated apex court for taking immediate action against milk mafia as they are continuously playing with the lives of innocent public.

According to Director General (DG) Punjab Food Authority Noor-ul-Amin Mengal they have collected 113 samples of water and 30 samples of milk from Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and some other areas of Punjab. “The laboratories sent us report of 52 samples of water in which 27 samples are dangerous. I have ordered collection of samples of water and milk immediately for sending them to laboratories for action,” he said.

It is a shocking phenomenon that milk mafia is not only mixing ice and water but washing powder, soap, formalin, hair removing powder and urea in milk and playing with people's lives. Those who drink this adulterated milk are likely to suffer from typhoid, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, brucellosis, allergies and even cancer, thanks to authorities for giving a free hand to the milkmen here in Rawalpindi.

Punjab Food Authority (PFA), Rawalpindi senior officer Muhammad Adnan told ‘The News’ that they have not yet collected a single sample of water and milk. “But, we are taking action against milk mafia for selling unhygienic milk,” he added. “We have directed our checking teams to collect more and more samples of water and milk,” he claimed.

Formalin, a dangerous chemical, is commonly used in milk. Other chemicals like urea, caustic soda, refined oil, especially rancid oil and cheap cooking oil, and detergents are also mixed in milk to increase its shelf life as well as to remove traces of adulteration and mixing of hazardous chemicals.

A senior veterinary officer of the Punjab Livestock and Dairy Department, Dr. Tasneem Ahmed, told ‘The News’ that powerful mafia was playing with the lives of people. He admitted that milkmen were mixing dangerous things like hair removing powder, washing powder, soap, formalin and urea in milk to increase its viscosity. He said that milkmen were also selling milk of sick animals which was strictly banned for consumption. “We use different kinds of medicines during treatment of an animal. These medicines are dangerous for human health, therefore, milkmen could not sell milk of sick animals, but they are not obeying this law and playing with people's lives,” he claimed. This is the major reason why people, particularly children, suffer from diarrhoea and stomach diseases after consuming such milk,” he added.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Saqib Nisar showed anger against milk mafia and ordered authorities concerned to take immediate action against them in every locality.

‘The News’ has learnt that there are several dairy farms at Soan, Girja Road, Tarnol, Rawat, Kalar Road, Adiala Road, Chakri, Chak Beli Khan Road, Chakra, Gorakhpur where milkmen mix dangerous things in milk. Adulterated milk is also coming from Sargodha and Mandi Bahauddin.

District Food Inspector (DFI) Muhammad Rashid Butt admitted all facts and figures and said that they have registered numberless FIRs under Sections 269, 270, 272 and 273 against milkmen for supplying adulterated milk. We are also destroying drums of adulterated milk in different localities of Rawalpindi, he added. But, it was fruitless because milkmen were released on bail after two or three days. Although, there is 6 months imprisonment for adulteration, but they are released early, he claimed.