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Devastating flood in Sutlej River wreaks havoc in south Punjab tehsils

Areas most severely affected by flood include Burewala, Mailsi and Vehari, where people are battling against rising water

By Ag App & Nadeem Shah
August 27, 2023
This picture shows the River Sutlej in Punjab. — Radio Pakistan/File
This picture shows the River Sutlej in Punjab. — Radio Pakistan/File 

MULTAN/VEHARI: The south Punjab tehsils have witnessed a catastrophic overflow of Sutlej River, resulting in widespread flooding that has engulfed dozens of small and large villages.

The areas most severely affected by the flood include Burewala, Mailsi and Vehari, where people are battling against the rising water. Villages, including Sahuka, Jamlera, Gahi Shah, Bhatian, Kuchi Puki, Ladan, Farooqabad, and Siphon, have been submerged under the floodwater. For the past three days, the district has been grappling with a high-level flood situation that has affected thousands of people in the river belt.

The flood’s devastating impact has extended to crops, livestock and infrastructure, with thousands of acres of agricultural land rendered unproductive. The floodwater has also disrupted the power transmission system and severed land connectivity in multiple areas. Tragically, two persons lost their lives due to the force of the floodwaters. In response, local authorities have established 13 flood relief camps and more than 20 tent villages along with medical camps to provide assistance to those in need.

Social organisations and welfare institutions have stepped in to offer food and support to the flood victims. However, the situation remains dire, with a shortage of essential supplies such as ration, medicines, and sanitary facilities.

In Multan district, Deputy Commissioner Umar Jahangir and CPO Mansoorul Haq Rana visited Jalalpur Pirwala flood-hit areas and inspected the relief operation. The deputy commissioner also visited the relief camps. CPO Mansoorul Haq Rana said the police were using all resources to help the citizens in difficult times. The South Punjab Irrigation Department said that the high flood was recorded at Head Sulemanki and Head Islam in Sutlej River last night. Over 117,000 cusecs water was recorded downstream at Head Sulemanki while the water level was recorded over 125,000 cusecs at Islam Headworks.

Pakistan Army had also carried out rescue and relief activities in the flood affected areas of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Minchanabad, Chishtian and Mailsi due to the high level flood in Sutlej River.

Meanwhile, Multan Commissioner Muhammad Amir Khattak and RPO Muhammad Sohail Chaudhry visited Mailsi Siphon Headworks and reviewed the flood situation and rescue operation. The Minchanabad tehsil administration officials said that there was a high flood at Head Sulemanki. The floodwater has inundated more than 100,000 acres of land at Minchinabad and Chak Azam Chhina village.

Meanwhile, Caretaker Punjab Minister for Transport and Livestock Ibrahim Hassan Murad visited the flood-hit areas of Vehari district where he asked the flood-hit people to cooperate with the government and shift to safer places. Deputy Commissioner Syed Asif Hussain Shah informed the minister that three tent villages and 20 relief camps were set up and over 29,000 people were shifted to safer places. The DC further said that 77 villages were hit by the flood and rescue operation was in progress at 13 points.